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Spin — Print Magazine

Spin — Print Magazine

Elegancia y delicadeza a la hora de usar la tipografía y la composición. Bergenfield / by Sorbet Design

MagSpreads - Magazine Design and Editorial Inspiration: Interview - Santos Henarejos

PRINT MAGAZINE COVER “For this special issue of the leading New York based design magazine Print, we were given the theme of Movement. In collaboration with the magazines editorial staff we commissioned articles on the movement of individuals, people, objects, cities, nations, times and ideas.” by Spin

Flyer Goodness: Wim Crouwel Tribute Posters by Spin (London)

Print Magazine by Spin

This is an overkill for me. Just too much of everything. Typefaces don't really go well alongside each other, and even colours are nice together, to many elements are turning everything into chaos

Arsenal Heirs book design and layout || Designer: Kyle White #square #mini

I think these layouts are a great example of how to make pages graphic heavy, and yet integrate text very well. However, where the most intense graphic elements are, my eye usually goes the wrong way across the page (i.e. right to left)

Interesting mix of illustration and type.