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Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Doll by DayJahView on Etsy, $85.00

I still have my ventriloquist doll...his name is Knucklehead and still smells new! I've had him since first grade back in 1959! He's used mostly now to terrorize my son-in-law!

It is a little known fact, Puppets for the most part Hold humans in disdain. When alone in groups They talk Behind our backs About our weaknesses. They dream of the day When they can Come forward In their own voice. >KB

PREDICTION: In 2050, under the new It's Just Not Right laws, Mr. Malicious will become the first ventriloquist's dummy to receive the death penalty for being "too creepy for words." His ventriloquist, Axyl Gristlechop, will be found not guilty.

Popsy - A Simply Made Dummy for the Amateur Ventriloquist (Jun, 1938) : an intriguing ventriloquist’s dummy you can construct from inexpensive materials without any special skill or shop equipment. His name comes from Popular Science Monthly, for which he was specially designed. He wags his jaw realistically and, if you want to take a little extra trouble, he can be made to wink, wiggle an ear, smoke, spit, or even blush

Ventriloquist Dolls // Now talk about a creepy dolls....these would have to be it !