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Cute pregnancy announcement - me in a 2 piece, haha. Rob give up his video games, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA.

pregnancy announcement #3 found this funny! Hopefully this won't be us someday! Haha

Pregnancy photo. {I think the first one would be cuter holding a picture from the ultrasound.}

30 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy -some really cute ones and some funny ones :)

7 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Included During Your Pregnancy

  • Lori Lynn

    Is there a reason why you voiced such angry ugly comments to this woman's post?

  • Alana Williams

    Did you read the 'tips'? they are seriously the most inane and banal drivel I've ever seen. If you are creating a chid with a person, these things should be no brainers because you should love them and want to share the experience with them. I was looking for some helpful advice and instead wasted my time with mind-numbing moronity. Did you actually find sny of those tips helpful or enlightening in any way?!!

  • Alex Perry

    unless there is a problem between the two.. technically when the baby is in the femal no matter how many months the parents can get a divorce and the father will never be able to see his child because she left. they didnt go through all of the child custody papers. so its totally legal but its not right to raise a child as a single parent.

  • Alana Williams

    Wow...ok...If you don't want to raise a child w someone, you aren't going to be reading tips on how to include the other you are missing the mark....also, the fetus is "technically" ALWAYS in the female...thirdly, as long as the male involved isn't a pretty high-level criminal (or hasn't been contractually de-obligated) he will always have paternity rights and responsibilities.

  • Alana Williams

    And lastly, you have NO RIGHT to tell another person what qualifies as their family. Optimal circumstances would usually include 2 parents, sure, but there are a myriad of variables that would cause that to no longer be optimal or even feasible. What makes a family is not the formula of people within it, it is not even blood relations or is LOVE. Love makes family, exclusively. And who are you to judge something so pure??

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Sorry if you think this is cool, but the last thing I want to portray about my current body status is that I'm a giant and my husband is a tiny creature whom I will eat/crush at any given moment. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Nola Jaymes

    Hahahaha awkward. I don't care for maternity photos in general, though.

Yea, because what I want is a photo that makes me look 100 times more massive than I already, no.

So cute! I will be doing this w/my Evaroo & her baby sister due 5/1

I will take fun "time" photos"" - stolen from Erin B Lich-Babson