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C1943 Tall Girl Fashion Dos and Don’TS Booklet | eBay


A forum for the tall men & women of the world.

A forum for the tall men & women of the world.

Tallswag.com - Another great blog by a statuesque beauty keeping you up to date on fabulous tall fashion.  www.tallswag.com

A list of the best sites and places to get pants/jeans for tall women. It lists the longest inseam offered, their general price range, and the average quality level of each. This will come in handy!

Brindle Great Dane pup

I grew up with two great danes (Sarge is named after one of them! Jun loves my stories of them so much, we may get one after we move to Long Beach.

Great Dane

Look at the blue great dane puppy! so cute!we may have a problem. Jeff has been trying to convince me to get a great dane for a while now.and this one looks precious.I may not be as hard to win over as I was trying to be.