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Meadow Muffin Gardens: Container Planting Ideas (Dracaena spike; Calibrachea, trailing 1" petunias; trailing verbena; Diamond Frost Euphorbia, a light airy plant with little white flowers great to use to fill in the gaps)

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House Happy

Oxalis purple clover. Part-shade. Perennial? Gorgeous foliage and cute white flowers that bloom spring through early summer. If this is anything like my wood sorrel, it spreads readily, is somewhat drought tolerant, and just an easy-going, shade-loving wonder plant. (2013)

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Dream Decks

Fill Your Deck with Plants - Soften your space with beautiful blooms and lush greenery from container gardens. It's easy to tuck a few containers here and there. Here's a hint: You may not be limited to growing annuals. Perennials and shrubs survive outdoors in containers if the container is large enough, which may be 4- to 5-feet wide in northern climates.


California Dreamin. Thrillers - (A)Snapdragon (Angelface Blue) x 1 and (B)Coleus (ColorBlaze LifeLime) x 1; Spillers: (C) Calibrachoa (Superbells Dreamsicle x 3 and (D) Supertunia Bordeaux x 2. Container 18"; 4.5" pots; sun