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Thats right.

A friend showed me this a few months and I laughed so much., now I look at it and think urgh food yuck and I want tall those things a thigh gap collar bones a flat stomach and hip bones.

hahaha i love her

I like your necklace…

Conan: "I like your necklace." Rebel Wilson: "Thanks. It was my grandma's." I love rebel Wilson!

Eww. Honey Boo Boo Child

Honey BooBoo on Toddler's and Tiaras "a dolla makes me holla, honey booboo!" on toddlers and tiaras ((:

yeah i laugh....well...A LOT

I am immortal. im so gonna live forever n ever n ever hahahahahahah and ever

Sheldon Cooper on Love... It shouldn't have made me laugh as hard as it did

Love is in the air and Sheldon Cooper sprays air covers his mouth this is hilarious Big Bang Theory TV Show July 2013


When you're already off the clock & your boss asks for a favor - identity thief, super funny


19 personnes qui tentent désespérément d'être sexy

For anyone who is a fan of Criminal Minds, Dr. Spencer Reed everybody. His high school senior pics.

Olympic divers in mid-dive.  lol

Olympic divers mid-dive.

The 20 Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

The 20 Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet