Neon Webbing.

Megan Geckler, String Art Installations created with flagging tape

Art installation

'Bloom' umbrella installation art by Sam Spencer

Yarn Flats. set. stage design. #DIY #yarn #color

One Way Colour Tunnel by Olafur Eliasson installation

Installations by Gabriel Dawe

sandra fettingis - "new neon" show

Tape installation - Could potentially be reproduced with paint and ribbons nailed to the floor and wall.

Thread typography installation

thread installations by gabriel dawe

Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus site-specific installation

Colored Thread Installations by Gabriel Dawe...

Megan Geckler // Artwork

Light harp. Imagine what it looks like with the strings vibrating

Spandrell II by Henriëtte van 't Hoog, 2009

soo sunny park - installation of "unwoven light" 2013

#yarn_bomb Oh mon dieu! Everything is more fabulous in Paris, even the pot holes! Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera has taken it upon herself to make a few repairs… one colorfully dyed, braided, coiled piece of cloth at a time.

can installation

Word art with shadows.

A Space Defined in Neon. Neon Light Installations by Massimo Uberti via Yellowtrace.