Neon Webbing.

Megan Geckler, String Art Installations created with flagging tape

Art installation

Paint Heart #hearts, #paint, #DIY,

Tape installation - Could potentially be reproduced with paint and ribbons nailed to the floor and wall.

Colored Thread Installations by Gabriel Dawe...

Thread typography installation

Thread installations by Gabriel Dawe

Light harp. Imagine what it looks like with the strings vibrating

jordan-ferney-apartment-san-francisco-small-apartment-tips-storage-2 from book/shop (good for library books?)

Plastic cups installation. #plastic #cup #installation

Yarn Flats. set. stage design. #DIY #yarn #color

Hill and Geometric Sky from Soft Core, 2009, by Sarah Applebaum


One Way Colour Tunnel by Olafur Eliasson

Gabriel Dawe

masking tape art installations

La Lampe Installation Muti Randolph

from: Design Sponge (anthropologie installation)