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This list is a far from complete list of some of my favorites - they are warriors, scholars, mothers, daughters; they can be wildly in love and impressively practical; they are a little too perfect and incredibly flawed. Most of them have happy endings, some of them don't. In an nutshell - these are girls who act like girls should and must.

Neverwhere: A Novel. Richard Mayhew assists a wounded young woman and finds himself in the alternate city of London Underground. I loved this book!


Book Fetish: Neil Gaiman Edition

Other Mother art print inspired by Coraline

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These 20 Books Are Game Changers, Read Them Before You Turn 30

This book is life-changing. It's one of my biggest influences as I graduate from college and map out where I'm headed next.

Dorothy Eden was best known for her writings in the historical, suspense, and Gothic genres. In addition to writing novels, she also contributed to magazines, including Redbook and Good Housekeeping

1984 by George Orwell. I read it when I was in 8th grade I believe, and I was so disappointed that it wasn't a requirement in high school. Such a chilling novel, especially when you consider that some of Orwell's visions can be applied to today's world.