• Heather Dierks

    Nice article to go along with this quote. It is so true for children to learn how to deal with failure in life and know how to make themselves stronger because of it!!

  • Michelle Hall

    I requoted this a couple of times lately. I hope we are able to sustain this for our kids. There is so much about this quote that is so true. Just love it.

  • Ashley Hansen

    Very good advice! Take the silver spoon out and/or stop rescuing your children from every mistake in their life so your kids don't end up worthless adults annoying the rest of us functioning responsible ones thank you.

  • Stephany

    I Want My Kids to Fail | Rochester SAGE - Supporting Advanced & Gifted Education

  • Kelly Bolender

    This is so true... I have hard working kid's that even at the age of 15 starting paying for there own cell phones, gas for there cars. My 11yr old son pays for his own cell bill....

  • Debbie Centella

    So true! Didnt with My older kids BUT maybe need to remember this for my still little ones

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