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The stuff that dreams are made off Hey Girls, he makes cameo appearance in The Reverse Commute

Yes. Yes, officer, I did it. Whatever it was. Arrest me.

James Franco- loved him in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Spiderman!!!

well, hello there gorgeous. Where have YOU been all my life?!

they do boudoir shoots for women all the time, maybe this would be a great pose for a "boudoir" shoot of the guy as a gift for the girl :) hot damnn

"I feel it's important to show that one thing that you do doesn't define you as a human being. It doesn't mean there aren't ramifications or you shouldn't pay for that, but it's not who you are." -Ryan Gosling

no idea who he is....but doesn't really matter....

Jason Momoa. *excuse me while I try to find where my panties that just flew off*

If I awoke from a coma and they told me Channing Tatum was my husband, I WOULD NOT question it!

They ran hand in hand towards the garden, young voices laughing in innocent joy... writing prompt