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  • Patsy Elise Longoria

    The picture is funny, but has no one noticed the tons of police cars behind the stroller?!!

  • Whitney Breazeale

    Haha. I know NOTHING about running away from daycare lol

  • "little miss happy"

    I Aint Going Back To Daycare Funny Kid Being Chased By Cops really cute:) but kinda scary :) daringkid

  • Emma and Theo James

    hahaha.... Looks like someone escaped and the police are trying to chase him. Poor kid I would probably never want to go back either because i never did....♥ #adorablekids

  • Michelle Ann

    This looks lk smtg my son would do to get out of daycare!

  • Mandy Blair

    Im pretty sure these are how the kids at my day care feel.

  • Steve Cameron

    Funny stuff

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just died laughing. Good now everyone else can be as scared of squirrels as I am

Thank you Dr. Phil now I'm depressed and I'm going to eat my weight in chocolate :)

drew covi Wilson this one is for you!! Bahaha, i laughed way too hard at this!!!! :)