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You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.

Haters gonna hate....this is the story of my life! I'm misunderstood ALL the time!!!! It's my lack of filter...

For my lovely followers: I can't stand the mere thought of losing any of you! I love you all so much and if you need to talk, I AM RIGHT HERE! I know it's hard because I've been there! But it really does help to talk! I'm here, I love to listen, and I will never judge you for what you have to say! I love you all so much! Please don't give up!

True! But when you reach the end of your strength, God's strength is only beginning. Call to Him for your help.

In this book, Mack and his family have to stay strong. Although they went through hardships, they must stay strong for the ones around them.

You never know how strong you are--- I want this as a tattoo... My body is going to look like the bible when I'm done with it-- so many words& quotes all on me!