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Elven Slave Bracelet, with Ivy leaves "Rising"


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Arm Chain Bracelet Arm Bracelet Piece Hipster Bronze Silver Chain Moroccan Swirl Charm Turquoise Bead Bohemian Drape Body Jewelry CindyAB

Necklace turned summer bracelet :D

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Silver Purple Lilac Night Ear Cuff with Fairy Amethyst Stars and Scroll Moon/ curl open work Moon/ ohr faux piercing/ Ohrklemme/ ohrclip

Silver Night Ear Cuff with Fairy Amethyst Stars by KOZLOVA

Bracelet lierre Elemiah Delecto, bijoux de cheveux artisanaux, accessoires coiffure chignon mariage @

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Sterling Silver Ear Cuff - Lace - Fake Piercing - Faux Piercing - Fake Piercings - Fake Conch Piercing - Non Pierced - Conch Cuff

ear cuff