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I'm going to own this some day

Split Decision Pie Pan - Always arguing over family holidays with which pie to make everyone for dessert? Argue no more with the Split Decision Pie Pan, and make both of them! Peach and Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin: everyone will be happy!

clay whistle mouth - Google Search

Cookie monster coffee cup (but you can put milk in it) with slot for cookies! Such a cute idea for gifts!

I need these!   Prevent overflows with this Boil-Over Spill Stopper lid.

Prevent overflows with this Boil-Over Spill Stopper lid. No more messy water spills to clean up.no more watching a boiling pot. A great helper for busy cooks, this silicone cover keeps boiling water or stock in the pot where it belongs. {Found by Mom}

Hands-Free S’mores Rack Okay the fact that you can get the chocolate a head-start on melting - that's what sold me!

22 Food Gadgets That Will Make Camping Way More Fun

Capture the authentic campfire taste of S'mores at home with Charcoal Companion's Stainless S'mores Roasting Rack with Skewers! The stainless steel rack and skewers can be used on a charcoal or gas grill. Never go without s'mores again.


S'mores, no campfire needed

S’Mores Maker enjoy a traditional campfire treat anytime at home! Best thing ever!

Great idea for those backyard cookouts that always have more people come than were invited.

Reusable Food Beverage Holder - Such a great idea for camping, parties and tailgating! How amazing! Why didn't I think of that.

Bye bye hot glue gun and hello hot glue pen... Where have you been all my life?

Bye bye hot glue gun and hello hot glue pen. Where have you been all my life? And how do I buy you? What about you Macy Hall

You might as well throw everything else you own away.

There are some who love it and some who aren’t too fond of it. We consider these cute kitty cat measuring cups as the best gift idea for the “crazy cat lad

It doesn't exist yet.  Sadness.

Defibrillator Toaster

The Defibrillator Toaster puns: "WERE LOSING THEM!" -"Nurse we need 12 CC's of cream cheese, stat!" -Time of deliciousness: A.M -If we dont restart his heart , hes toast! -"Daddys in a butter place now, kids.