paint ugly glass

DIY - Faux Hobnail Vases using Puff Paint + Spray Paint. Full Step-by-Step Tutorial. (doing this with recycled containers for sorting small things)

Who said Crafts: DIY Luminaries

Coloring vase


Spray paint a bulb covered with lace. Remove the lace and ... tah-dah, pretty. (DIY tutorial recommend high heat BBQ paint, silver perm. pens, or use lights for decoration only)

use a hot glue gun and spray paint when dry, great for mason jars or tomato sauce jars that you would normally throw out!

How To Make Chalkboard Labels -I'm in love with this idea. Using it for canisters/ ball jars.

Easy DIY Ideas | How To Tint Mason Jars | Mason Jar Crafts and DIY Projects by DIY JOY

so cute & easy!

5 pillow cases sewn together, insert pillows. Love!

Use a glue gun to write/make designs on plain jars before painting them.

A hot glue gun and spray paint.

Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun - mini pallet coasters! - Cute Decor

this is a great idea!

101 Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars

glitter bottles for decorating

DIY of the day: glue art I'm totally doing the puff paint on a blank canvas. I'm thinking about painting over it with turquoise. Should be fun!

Make your own coasters- 4x4 tiles ($.16 Home Depot); 4x4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry; Spray a coat of clear spray paint and let dry; attach felt pads to the bottom