Will Smith is getting old but he's still a nice looking black man.

Drizzy ✌️


Z Zenga $1,295 brown mens suit. As seen in GQ, worn by Dave Franco who is beautiful.


His dapper style | Ferragamo | LBV ♥✤ | KeepSmiling | BeStayHandsome

'Grown men want me to sit them on my lap/ But I don't have a beard and Santa Claus ain't black/ I repeat, you can't sit on my lap/ I don't have a beard now get of my sack' - This is the reason Mr Carter is worth $500 million.

Team Name Lifetime Member T-Shirt CHERRY

I just love the Francos so much


James Marsden for GQ—three-piece suit by Gant Rugger. Shirt by Club Monaco. Tie by Band of Outsiders. Shoes by Ralph Lauren. Socks by Smart Turnout.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


yes <3

come here!!!

joseph gordon-levitt

Mens Leather Tie Holder Bowtie Travel Case for the Rugged Gentleman Bow Tie

Darren Criss