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ahahahahahaha *gasp for breath = make sound like a seal* ahahahahahahahahaha ----> continue on in this way until the point of tears!!!

Twitter / Loki_Page: WUHAHAHAHA... Poor Loki! ...

No! Captain America do not emulate Captain Hammer! He is a bad role model!

I've totally wanted this to happen since I saw the dang movie. When it comes to that part, I always whisper "Yes?"

Avengers Best Lines - "I understood that reference"-Captain America♥

I've pinned this before but this is such a powerful moment. I think everyone should just like soak this in :)

ahahahaha :D oh come on! Don't tell me you didn't laugh!

XD This is pretty much the conversation my family had when we watched this part.

Watched Avengers again yesterday... this is all super true

My favorite bit of funny from The Avengers - Imgur