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Easy DIY Vinyl Record Tree Skirt

This is a great Christmas decorating idea for music lovers! Very easy and you don't even have to paint the records if you don't want to! DIY Vinyl Record Tree Skirt

Holiday Decor that Lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Oversize ironstone containers are perfect for this clever stair-step arrangement, which can sit either inside your home or on your front porch. Plant any dwarf or sapling evergreen in the containers (we used a trio of lacy 'Goldcrest' cypress trees). Print your message on white scrapbook paper, then cut out circles and glue the letters to a color-paper backing. Tie the letters to the containers with a thin piece of contrasting ribbon and add lengths of wider satin ribbon for accents./

Holiday Trimmings: Vintage Toy Trucks

A Grammy Themed Christmas Tree for Lauren