DIY favor bags - easy to make!

Bow Detailed Envelope---BC I hate licking evelopes this and stickers are great....cute ideas

Great idea for holiday gift bags too!

How to Clean Dirty Oven Racks: Place oven racks in the bath tub and fill with HOT water until racks are covered. Add about 6 dryer sheets and 1/2 cup of dish soap. Let sit overnight. Remove any remaining buildup with the dryer sheets. You may want to do this right before you plan to clean your tub. :)

来自日本K2m design推出的第一个系列的作品。K2m是刚成立不久的一家设计工作室,由两位建筑设计师和一位职业经理顾问一起创办,致力于开发材料为主的设计项目。

Clever ideas to make life sheets in 'sets', use bread 'tags' as cord markers, make cookie 'bowls' with the back side of a muffin tin...


Shoe box. brilliant.

Lovely plastic spoon rose - brilliant idea! #diy #doityourself #ideas

2 Pictures in 1

diy travel packs of ointment

google map envelopes. so simple and easy. Use the directions feature to put a blue line between the TO and the FROM.

love this idea

Life hacks

Good idea!

[Handmade DIY caseiro de armazenamento caixa tutorial] próprio artesanal uma caixa de armazenamento, pode ser dito reino sênior da caixa de origami ~ ~ ~

DIY pompom wrapping paper

Cool Idea!