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1920s bride and groom

Decode the Wedding Dress: Necklines..I want either a sweetheart, queen anne, or halter strap. :)

so pretty

Love this vintage wedding dress!!

1866 French wedding gown. Look at that veil!!

1950s Wedding Gown

vintage wedding photo

Deborah Mitford & the Duke of Devonshire Wedding 1941 ~

Bride 1930's

1931 bride Mary

Lovely '40's gown,

Great photo...I can only imagine what he is saying to her...probably about the wedding night! LOL

wedding gowns

Vintage Bride.

I love everything about this dress- the fitted lace stretching to the collar bone, the sweetheart neckline, the 3/4 length sleeves, the semi-high waist gathered with a sash and flowing out from there. Basically perfect!

vintage wedding

Vintage bride

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