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800x600CAQEQOJE | Flickr – Condivisione di foto!

Кружева- к узелку узелок. Нам родные рисуют картины. полевой расцветает цветок. И качает ветвями рябина Словно сказка они хороши! В них умелой работы прилежность. Красота нашей русской души. Терпеливая женская нежность..

Bobbin Lace Collar

bobbin lace - Spain This is what I LOVE to do, make bobbin lace.

Vibrant colors, Rich textures. Like sea kelp floating in the ocean. Fiber necklace. Wear what you love.

enrHedando: Como hacer Encaje de Bolillos Recto Paso a Paso

Leaves - Wow, I wish I could find this pattern!

Bobbin Lace Bolero - something like this would be nice for updating some old strapless dresses... Making them a little more conservative / grown up / royalty like :-)

bobbin lace pillow mounted on a stand with drawers to hold extra bobbins

A beautiful Lace Shawl is made of famous Russian tape bobbinglace technology . Suitable all size 125 x 48 cm Color -black This may be