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The third happiness quest I chose was spending tech free, quality time with a loved one. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I spend too much time in front of the T.V. so we decided to go out to a local coffee shop without our phones, sit outside and simply enjoy each others company. It was relaxing, stress free and felt great to be off the grid. We actually lost track of time and ended up talking for hours. It was an amazing morning.

coffee understands...just holding the cup helps a lot but drinking the wonderful hot coffee is what it's all about...refill please!

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8:33 am. The sun never failed to show itself then, flooding light through my windows and over me, warming my body as I drank my tea. A half loaf of bread was lying on the window seat behind me. I glanced at it and smiled. He had always told me to stop putting food on the seat. "It'll bring ants," he would say. But it was a habit of mine. As was waking up in time for sunrise. They would be habits I would never break. I stared out the windows, taking in the awakening world.

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The Barista’s Guide To Brew A Perfect Cuppa At Home

The Barista’s Guide To Brew A Perfect Cuppa At Home. I've worked as a barista before and some of these I have never heard of! Very cool!

"It is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, Look like a young girl, and work like a horse."

The Bradley's: Inspiration, the cozy sweater, warm kitchen

Warm cup of coffee on a fall morning

coffee at a coffee shop :) reminds me of my London mornings this summer

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How we generated thousands of leads in 3 months

If you’re launching a startup, consider using digital media to kick-start your lead generation machine.