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    Dog Facts : Every dog on earth likely descended from a species knows as the Tomarctus - a creature that roamed the earth over 15 million years ago.

    Signs Your Pet Is Actually Your First-Born Child: Still, you know that you can't protect your furry friend from all the scary things in the world

    The cuteness is overwhelming!

    He followed the dog through his doggie door

    5 Most adorable dog piles you have ever seen

    AAAAHHHH i would die if i saw thisin person!!

    Dogs at Rest ... if only I could sleep like that now


    cute dogs. for more artonsun.blogspot...

    Adorable pet jacket.

    Dog hot dog

    Well hello there....

    Dog with a heart of gold. ♥

    They're winter dogs, people!

    Lol :) #dog Marci Negranza Greenroyd

    That has to be the cutest lil puppy ever!!! Soo adorable!!

    9 cats who simply cannot deny their affection for dogs.

    Endless Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies.

    Adorable! This totally made my day :)

    Animals Matter Ortho Shag Bed Rug, ranges from $179 (Small: 36" x 27"), up to $275 (X-Large: 59" x 42")

    Awwww!! Adorable!!