ooo steamed milk on the stovetop?

Stovetop espresso machine.

Bialetti Pink Mokona Coffee Machine...cuuute!

Mr. Tea

I don't drink coffee but I love these little plates that hold a cup or glass? and a cookie or cake? Too cute!

I made one of these with a dollar store mug and a sharpie and it turned out great... too bad the sharpie scratches off! <-Kristen

Coffee by candlelight

Espresso Field Guide

monster coffee mug!

Create a coffee roaster at home!

Espresso machine designed by a student at the Bauhaus school in Weimar.

Expresso In Copper

Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

A steampunk coffee maker to give your kitchen that science laboratory vibe.

Alternate coffee brewing method: Yama siphon brewer

How cool!

Presso Espresso Maker

coffee maker from Craighton Berman