HOW-TO: First you paint a regular coat of dark polish all over your nail. Quickly put a few small dots of lighter polish on your nail while everything is still wet. Swirl them together to create a marble effect with either a fine brush, a toothpick or a needle. Easy! The more you mix them together the more subtle the design will be, the less you touch it the more dramatic it will be.

ABSTRACTNail art tutorial Needle drag. Put one basic coat. Let dry. Put a thicker 2nd coat and IMMEDIATELY put the strokes, so wet in wet. Drag or swirl with a needle.

Non-Water Marble technique using jelly polish(es)

Needle Drag..uh huh

Cool Nail Design Ideas: Cool Nails Marble Designs For Women ~ Nail Ideas Inspiration This is so cool!

Hairspray Marble

Swirl nail art is created using a technique called water marbling. It involves swirling together different colored nail polishes on nails. Take a look at t

easy easy way to marble your nails !!!


Marble nails with plastic wrap

easy nail art tutorial

Neon nail art

SAY WHAT?!: Ever wanted to paint pretty designs on your nails and then realized that it was impossible to do yourself because you have a dominant hand? Well here's a solution!! Paint the designs onto a ziploc bag and then peel them off and place them on your nail!! Finish with top coat. SHUT the front door. no way.

falling dot nail polish

Fine Point Design. Pretty!

Directions: 1. White Base Color 2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail. 3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila! pretty!

beautiful nail design

marbled finger nails

Love bird nails

DIY Blue Water Marble Nails, Nails Inspiration | Water Marble Designs |

marble nails..