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What can a mom do to encourage a strong friendship with her daughter? How Does Your Daughter Grow Up to Be Your Very Best Friend?

10 tips for teaching children how to follow directions in the classroom or home. Love these parenting tips for how to get kids to listen to instructions!

temper tantrums *my fav was "SERVE AS A COACH:" Help her understand her emotions, help her honor them, & release them/ move to the next 1 w/ ease. & "DEFINE PEACE:" --Pretty sure I've never thought about helping K2 honor her emotions I love the word HONOR here & think I will find a way to Biblically bring it into our model of parenting. I did NOT like the meditate/new age references that are not Biblically based

Parenting tips! Create enforceable limits by chaining what you say. Less complaining and more cooperation from your kids. This is a great parenting technique based on Love and Logic.

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