Nepal, Himalaya. 80 year old rice farmer of Maghar tribe

Gangadas Baba I | Flickr

Tibet | Dongnyang, a Lhoba tribal chieftain who is 101 years old. | SOINAM NORBU


Maria, Havana, with a cuban havana cigar....

by Enrico Elle. Powerful...

The story of a hundred years

Baba Ji, photo by Laurent Auxietre ... Katmandu. Nepal

'A Face and Smile To Remember' I was walking down a street in Kathmandu, and I saw this lady just laughing like there was no tomorrow while sitting on a wood bench...I have no idea what she was laughing about, but she loved to have her photo taken...which is actually unusual in Nepal as most older people do not like to have their photo taken. What a face....and what a smile!! | Image and Caption © Scotty Graham

So many smiles in 100 years.

Nepal Man, Manuel Lao

Sisters in their Golden Years

Wise in Years

Catch the happiness


Don't these little rascals look happy. Sends happiness right through me just lookin' at this photo...

Still Crazy after all these years!

I see joy!


Amazing Grace; these kinds of pictures melt my heart. And this lady reminds me of the Waodani tribe.

Happy Smiling from Novices at New Year Festival in Bagan, Myanmar by rickyalexander