rainbow time..

Elephant on Old Bond St. in London Photo: Slim Paley

Scooter Color Bomb...


glowing pots. Selected by http://sleepbamboo.com/

Do you see rainbows?

pencil heart


Boeing 787//

Rainbow building color pop Warsaw, Poland.

Stop light #colorstory http://arcreactions.com/the-aftermath-of-mobilegeddon/

rainbow furniture

pastels Colors


Rainbow towels

window hand

Rainbow Colors

color therapy glasses:  "select the color that corresponds to a specific energy that you need in your life and pop them on for an hour or so to feel the effects.  Some people buy a full set of colored glasses and use them fluidly. You may have a specific issue that could be benefited by a single color used over a longer time.  As with all things, go slow & no overdoing it!"

rainbow stairs


Circular colour wheel idea