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Stop acting that way

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: Last I checked you had a penis.So quit acting like a little bitch.

I want to make everything on Pinterest. Unless it has more than 5 steps. Ain't nobody got time for that. Yeah really. :P

Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week

Feminists can open their own doors...I'll take a chivalrous man any day

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: A real woman can do it all by herself, but a real man wouldn't let her.

Right here :)

Truth is, I actually have a file folder labeled "Fuck it." which is almost as full as the one next to it called "Fuck it and run.

Yup!  www.LiquorList.com "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom  #LiquorList

9 Answers To The 2nd Worst Thanksgiving Question

Just let me tell you what you should say in response

Haha, this happens to me all the time. You are not responding in the way I imagined you would respond when I acted out this conversation in my head. Stop it.

Keep it up and you'll be the strange smell in the trunk.. funny but not...

keep it up & you'll be the strange smell in the trunk- BAHAHAHAHA rofl

Bahahaha. I get this feeling a lot... by araceli

Listen up, asshole. I had two helpings of flaming bitch with my breakfast today. Satan, himself, won't even fuck with me.