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Craig Horner and Bridget Regan on Legend of the Seeker

Richard and Kahlan defeat whole armies with nothing but their love... and some wicked sharp weapons.

Legend of the Seeker

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okay I know what youre thinking. 'its a show not a movie', but its just so darn good it had to be on this list.its like Romeo juliet, ella enchanted and the bible rolled into one, and turned into something totaly differient.

Richard,the seeker, named warrior destined to defeat the tyrant Darken Rahl, his father and the keeper of the underworld and Kahlan, a confessor, capable of making a man her slave of love with a single touch

Legend of the seeker: I loved this show more than anything ❤️❤️❤️

Legend of the Seeker. I'm not quite finished with this (sadly only) two season series yet, but I do love it. I'm using this poster because Cara is my favorite!

Jensen, presteenly ungifted, both unaffected by magic and uncapable of using it

i really shouldn't think this is funny but i do. oh legend of the seeker:)