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The Marble Jar Allowance System: Helps teach good behavior, responsibility (chores) and early money management skills. **LOVE** this!!

behavior management system for children at home. rewarding BOTH positive behavior and catching the negative behavior.

I'm a huge fan of the behavior jar to reward good behavior. Dazzling Deeds - good behavior jars {mama♥miss} ©2012

Chore sticks. I did something like this and it works like a charm. The boys use it as a competition to see who gets more sticks in the done jar everyday.

OMG. I have all the materials for this (because the chore jar sticks I wanted to do didn't work out). Gonna have to use this. free chore stick printables.

This should help me out with assigning the boys chores. They can't get mad at me if they choose their own chore!! :D

Pick-A-Chore. Some chore sticks say, "Relax, no chores today" or "Switch a chore with your sibling" Why not make it a game? :) You could even add rewards to the back, for a job well done.

Chore ring for each chore complete, put ring in jar to keep track of $ owed

super cute chore jar. kids feel like they have some choice in the matter :)...i did a variation of this. i bought colored large craft sticks and color coded them by length of chore (blue are 5 min chores, orange are 15 min chores, etc...). i wrote the chores on the sticks with a sharpie. so far so good. my 9 year old lives for the "relax no chore today" stick:)

The Marble Jar Allowance System: Behavior and Responsibility Reward Jar - It's A Fabulous Life

start the new year with a new behavior system that builds on the positive and helps establish routines!