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How cute is this Cafe Dramatic Play center?! Children can make pancakes and waffles with a bunch of different toppings. The menu and order forms are so great for early literacy, too.

Create a Pet Store in the dramatic play center! Up close photos showing you how to do it and infuse math and literacy throughout the center! Pocket of Preschool

Dramatic Play Bakery

Pretend Bakery Play Printables to spice up the dramatic play center in preschool or kindergarten!

Dramatic Play Doctor’s Office

Doctor Office Pretend Play Printables. Perfect for your preschool or kindergarten kids who like to play doctor in the dramatic play center! This printable chart will help your little doctors diagnose and track patient injuries and illness. A great way to promote pretend play, oral language, and writing for a purpose at home or in the classroom!

How to Set up the Dramatic Play Center in an Early Childhood Classroom

Pretend play: ice cream shop. Use cotton balls as ice cream. We used paint to color the cotton balls for chocolate and strawberry