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  • Mary Jo Gormley Walilko

    This is why I usually send moms presents on kid's birthday. I thought I was the only one that got that.

  • Erin Crimmins

    This is so true! Every year on my birthday, I'd say "Happy gave birth to me day!" to my mom. She loved it!

  • Paige Lansing

    Happy birthday. I'm pretty sure MY mom enjoys my birthday more than I do, anyway.

  • Mel Yunis

    And this is why I wish my friends a happy birth day, along with the child a happy birthday, on the child's birthday. Also why I take time to remember the birth story, and the years since, on my child's birthday.

  • Stephanie Luttrell

    hahaha don't always think about it that way. Thanks mom :)

  • Annie Bleskacek

    Funny Birthday Card

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