"Shelf Life" 2006 by James Hopkins #skull

James Hopkins


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"Black Still Life" 2007 by Jame Hopkins #skull

home music studio

Design for Life / James Hopkins

"Wasted Youth" 2006 by James Hopkins #skull

music studio

Music Studio

#studio #music

Music Studio Recording Studio in you house. Totally cool.



Steam of Consciousness by Christopher Conte

I love the tumbling book shelf Some pretty awesome book shelves. I really want the falling one in the office.

The best advice I've gotten on decorating windows & small spaces.

Don't just fill your shelves. Color them, arrange them, decorate them, dress them, personalize them. The books you store on your shelves are just the beginning.

Eccentric living room with black door, gold asymmetric pendant and shaggy rugs thrown over armchairs.

Link with lots of photos for bookshelf design inspiration.