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Jack White. This man will run into me on the street, fall madly in love with me. And have musical genius children with me ♥ ♥

Jack White: Curiosity and creativity unbounded. Not only is he cute as a button in this pic, but he's imitating Charlie Chaplin with the bread. a button!!

"Nobody is better at being Jack White than Jack White." {photo by Christian Witkin}

jack white, I'm attracted to him because of his mind and the musician he is. I once saw an hr long interview with interview I've ever seen.

"Each one of my guitars came to me accidentally. They're all hard to work with. They're all cheap. They don't stay in tune very well. But they're ferocious." - Jack White

Then I knew it. All the work that it took to get through it. On the wings of a feather that flew it. Fell onto my shoe it cut up into me

I heart this fella. Jack White.

Can't wait for Jack White's solo album, Blunderbuss, due to be released April 24th. Jack is a real musician, not just a performer. Love him.

Jack White - the love child of Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin and Robert Smith, musically speaking...

Jack White...He's A Master of Rock, Americana, Blues-Tinged Rock & A Touch of Country & Classics...With His Ex-Wife, He Makes Up The Wildly Followed Hit, Cult Band, The White Stripes...Alone, He's Just One Killer Guitarist, Writer, Lyricist & All-Around Musician...