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Star Wars BB-8 Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set

Star Wars BB-8 Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set Maybe something for ?

Scotty Hello Computer Star Trek Coffee Mug

Star Wars BB-8 Measuring Cup Set

Now, whisk in 3 cups of BB-8 to the cake and let sit overnight. Allow the added BB-8 to beep-boop the cake for extra fluffiness.

Star Wars Exclusive Chewbacca Stocking

What do Wookies expect to get in their stockings? A travel Dejarik game? A mini crossbow? Fur mousse? Walking carpet cleaner? You'll have to hang up this ThinkGeek-exclusive Chewbacca stocking on your mantel to find out!

Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers With Sound - Exclusive

Warm your feet with this fuzzy Wookiee slippers, featuring the sound of Chewbacca (but not the smell). When you walk, these slippers alternate between two different Wookiee roars: RRRAARRWHHGWWR and WAAAAAAAAARGH.