• Beth Layfield

    Everyone knows how much I love a homemade product! homemade body wash

  • Nicole Blasor

    homemade body wash ... extremely gentle, supposed to be good for eczema. the cite says it is great for sensitive skin and k has terribly sensitive skin! mybe this will help my little princess!

  • Alexis Rogers Williams

    DONE - Homemade body wash: great time making this with Stacy, but it is super thick once cooled off. You have to remember to keep adding water to the container as you use it to get the consistency you are use to. Other than that it's a great body soap.

  • LeTara Cowan Sgroi

    Homemade Bodywash: Gentle on Sensitive Skin .... from Homemade Bodywash

  • Nicole Vargas

    diy bodywash good for eczema

  • Jenny O'Boyle

    homemade body wash ... extremely gentle, supposed to be good for eczema. i'm thinking i could probably use my homemade soap instead of tom's. i'll have to check the ingredient list on tom's.

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