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This photo shows Captain Smith on the bridge with a young boy. I highly doubt that this is on board Titanic. But on another ship the Captain was Master of. This shows what he would have looked like on Titanic.

Titanic A Deck Bedroom & B Deck Sitting Room

Found Souvenir photo in Ohio.. Back reads "Don't let anyone see this Cora."

I find it so sad that so many priceless things are left behind. I would LOVE to have pictures of my ancestors-they're very hard to come by.

William Hay aged 2 years 8 months, with his boat,1923

Titanic C & D Deck Rooms

Titanic's 'A' Deck Strollers At Queenstown

This drawing gives some idea of the iceberg hazards faced by the Titanic, including the one it hit. The Carpathia, pictured on the left, was some 58 nautical miles away when it received the message that the ship was in trouble.

Reminiscence. Titanic`s Drawing Offices. Belfast

Isador and Ida Straus. She would not leave without him. Isidor and Ida Straus were last seen alive sitting together quietly on deck chairs on Titanic's boat deck when a huge wave washed over them. ...