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the only time it is okay to use "YOLO" ;)

this is me.But I'm convinced this is a myth in all my years of eating raw cookie dough, the only problem I've ever had was a stomach ache from eating to much.take that salmonella.

So true! Haha

I was dieting until…

Yep, so true before but now Im like oh snap is that cake? Nom nom nom , and then Im like, "Grrrrrr" as I work that cake off

Stupid People Force Field

Ever talk to someone SO STUPID that they make you squint? OMG, so funny - I do this all the time!


My face when my husband asks me Where the new cat came from - Baby Good Luck Charlie


"That face you make when the person you hate is talking". or the face you make when you don't hate them but they are telling you the same thing again and again.

mr. moseby | Tumblr ❤ liked on Polyvore

Oh my gosh. If you watched the episode of Suite Life of Zack & Cody where Mr. Mosby tries to teach London how to drive, you will find this hilarious! XD (Hint: Jesus Take the wheel?

Such a familiar moment!

We called them "church giggles." Oh my goodness has that happened to me! recently, too, and at a church meeting while the pastor was praying!

My life

hair funny true true story lmao expectation joke reality i can relate so true teen quotes relatable hair day bad hair day good hair day so-relatable

Its obvious women are smarter than men...think about it - diamonds are a girls best friend; mans best friend is a dog...

That moment when you're supposed to be cleaning and you put on music and it turns into a dance party for one. This happens A LOT in my house.my kids love to dance (just watch out for random dinosaurs!


Apocalypse alarm This happened to me yesterday. I was without internet ALL DAY at work!