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There are at least two ways you can read Freakanomics – as a fun and interesting little book that uses data to tell us little things about ourselves and the world. Or, you can see it as econometrics gone apeshit and finally taking over the world. I kind of view it as both. Entertainmentfrom Entertainment

Biography of Dave Eggers

Super Freakonomics


What should you read next?

What should you read next? Interesting

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23 Books You Didn't Read In High School But Actually Should

23 Books You Didn’t Read In High School But Actually Should. I've read quite a few but a good list of reads. There are a LOT of these that my students have been told to read--sure hope some of them actually did! :)

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15 Books About Family Secrets That Will Keep You Guessing

These books worth reading feature husbands with double lives, mothers with hidden pasts, dark family histories, and more!


Oliver Twist

One of my most favorite things: books reading

a very good book about a complicated home situation. And to think I only bought it because of Jodi Picoult's review on the cover!

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What Type Of Book Are You?

What Type Of Book Are You quiz on buzz feed. pretty fun, i got a well-loved book: your pages are loose and dog-eared, your spine broken many times over. you're the book someone stays up late with, reading you under the covers over and over again.