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1955 Fujicabin Minicar

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Created by car artist Tom Kennedy, the Topsy-Turvy Bus (Topsy) is a bus made of two school buses welded together, one upside down on top of the other. This cool bus is currently touring the country to "dramatically depict America’s upside down budget priorities."

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Cool car from the 1920’s: The first auto designed with aerodynamics in mind

Aurel Persu (1890–1977) was a Romanian engineer, and the first to apply aerodynamics principles to automobiles. He came to the conclusion that the perfectly aerodynamic automobile has the shape of a falling water-drop. I chose this picture because I can imagine this is what Gatsby from The Great Gatsby car looked like.

The General Lee - 10 Of The Coolest TV Cars Of All Time. Click on the image to see who came out on top. #top10 #spon

Gaitan Auto-Tri 1953. Manufactured in 1953 by Gaitán Constructions s.l, (Spain) the Gaitán Auto-Tri was powered by a 125cc engine providing power to the two front wheels. The vehicle had an aluminium body and various versions of the vehicle were made including an Ambulance.