honey badger don't care.

Honey badger don't care!

Reminds me of Regina my bestie.

cool funny honey badger dont care give a damn

I don't hold grudges...

well, if this doesn't explain me... I don't know what does.


This Honey Badger don't care! Award this fierce critter to your biggest go-getter. Customize the engraving on the base for free with your own special message!

What book is that? I don't know... It's a mystery...

Honey Badger Pint Glass | Bread and Badger

I don't want to die.. LOL

Sorry, I don't meet the height requirement to ride your emotional roller-coaster. HA!

I'm not saying I hate you per se, BUT ....



Honey badger

Don't judge a person for drinking; judge a person for not drinking. Those fuckers are up to something.

Honey Badger Pint Glass | Bread and Badger

I still need these.