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Ear piercings! I'm getting all this done to my ear! Mom told me it was a go!(:

My favorite are the cross and the bird. They kind of go together because when you follow Jesus (cross),you will have freedom (bird).

this seems like the perfect amount of it!

Venus by Maria Tash: Providing the Best Piercing NYC Offers | Clean Piercings, Gold Belly Rings, Diamond Nose Rings

Ear #piercings [via Kailey Lamey] ~ Creative! especially the 4 at the bottom; the chain could be switched out even if the top is a "cuff."

Gonna try to convince mom to let me get the bottom cartilage, then my ear will look like this (;

triple tragus #piercing ♥ reminds me of Molly Sullivan

i love this look, my first holes are stretched to a 2, I have my second holes and cartilage done, a couple more and some dainty earrings and ill be good to go!!!