Drugs are for Pugs

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Pug Toss!

"Pugs on Pugs on Pugs" Look at the pug's face!

"¿¿!!Está tartica es para mí??!!" / "This cake is for meeee?!" #animales #animals #happybirthday #cumpleaños #perros #dogs

:P thankful as annoying and obnoxious as my dog is...he has never been one to get into the trash! ;)

Cannot stop laughing!!


@Stef Day

Haha!! Guess there are issues with whoever you travel with! I would still love for us to take a long trip together!! I've thought about it all week! I'm so ready to run away with you!! I Love You more & more everyday!!!!!! ***

lol krysten, I hope you see this & try it w/Chewy!


pug funny

@Lindsey Grande Grande Grande Grande Hoffman

for the Pug lovers (: