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I liked this one. How to engage journalist through Social Media.

The best methods to engage journalists through social media Infographic shows the preferences of 72 UK journalists Seeding social media assets like video and infographics to journalists of traditional publications i.

Social Media Activity Stats. Great resource for marketers. Marketing  - #networkmarketingtips

How does a busy, small business owner increase economy through social media?

#Twitter en 2012 #infografica #smm

Twitter 2012: The Projected Stats & Facts [Infographic]

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Business Intelligence infographic data never sleeps 2.0

5 of the best Business Intelligence Infographics

the sad state of social media privacy infographic

The Sad State of Social Media Privacy

Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014 - #infographic #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia

Where Do Social Media Audiences Spend Their Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amazing Eye Opening Stats That Show the World is Going Mobile

Usuarios Activos en las Redes Sociales /Active User Counts for All Major Social Networks by The Social Media Hat / Via

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Another wonderful Infographic with tips for content marketing. 5 Steps to Make Your Social Content Great Infographic