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Removing glitter nail polish. Whoever figured this out should get a Nobel Prize. I'll be happy I pinned this later.

Whoever has tried to remove glitter nail polish knows how difficult it is! This is the best way to so it, trust me. Soak cotton pad in nail polish remover then wrap in tin foil and leave for 10 mins and that should do it :)

How to easily remove nail polish. This would work great with glitter nail polish.

20 Nail Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know Now

Glitter nail polish removal, also works for shellac nails and gel. This is what I always do. Definitely the best and easiest way to remove stubborn glitter polish. HOPEFULLY IT WORKS!

The ultimate guide to fixing every nail problem!

How to Fix Every Nail Problem in the Book

The ultimate guide to fixing nail problems! This can come in handy.

Wish I'd known this trick in Hawaii! Took forever to get off the glitter polish ans easily used 15 cotton balla!

How to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

How to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish! Where has this been? Can also remove shellac polish this way!

leopard and teal nails

Teal leopard nails with silver glitter by Pretty Nails By Mal.I'd do with real teal and gold glitter instead.

How To - Unstick Stubborn, Stuck #NailPolish Caps #nails via @All Lacquered Up

Nail Tip - Loosening Stuck-on Bottle Caps

hard time getting a stuck nail polsh cap off? Stick it in hot water for about 30 sec. and its off! Or better yet put a little vaseline around the outside threads of the bottle when you open it the first time and you won't have this problem!