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Tamarama - 04 Sep 12 - First wave

Tamarama - 04 Sep 12 - First wave

busy under @ Bondi

The personal portfolio of documentary photographer Mark Tipple. Underwater Fine Art Photographer and Documentary Film Maker.

Walking by the best surfing beaches in California

Surfing California: Walking by the best beaches in California

If you love surf, you surely thought once in you life to California. Becuase Surfing California will be the best experience you've ever had!

Underwater surf - Frothers Gallery

Underwater surf - Frothers Gallery

Creepy Fish. Damn. Creepy.

<----its a blob fish and its the ugliest fish ever!

Tornadoes are a terrible beauty. I know women who possess such devastation. (....^ This comment is subtly fantastic.)

Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile. # mais # Amazing # Terra Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile.

✯ By Michal Mierzejewski ✯

By Michal Mierzejewski


Frozen Waves was a tidal wave caused by the glaciation freeze ice formations during long periods of time. The color of ice can be used to as.

The most incredible sunrise photo ever

Photo of the Day! GoPro Super Fan Robbie Crawford bids farewell to winter in this awesome Southern California sunrise shot in.