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    • Desarae Carn

      So cute for a summer birthday party! Darling lemonade stand!

    • Ashley Whipple

      Rice Krispies Challenge Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale. #GrabSummerFun

    • Tiffany Varner Oldham

      Great tutorial on DIY aged wood signs, like this beautiful lemonade stand by @Kristyn Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Merkley!

    • DeAnn Hansen

      Lemonade Stand Here’s how we {mostly HE} did it. SUPPLIES: -2×4 Framing Wood -Rough Cut Planks -1 1/2 flat-head nails -Wood Glue -1 1/2 or 2 inch dry-wall screws -Drill -Various Drill Bits -Paint -Hammer -Wood Saw -Plywood for SIGN -Carriage bolts and wing nuts {All supplies bought at Home Depot} DIRECTIONS: 1. Begin by determining which dimensions you would like. We did 2 feet by 4 feet by 30 inches tall. 2. We began with building the frame out of the 2×4 lumber. We assembled the sides first and attached them to each other using 2 cross beams. To construct the side frames, we simply used 2 up-rights and 2 cross beams. To secure them to each other, we used screws and glue. {Builders Note: Wood glue is extremely strong if bonded under pressure. The screws act like clamps pressing the wood together. If something is glued well enough it will break at the wood before it breaks at the glue seam.} In order to keep the wood from splitting, we pre-drilled all the screw holes using an 1/8″ bit and counter-sunk them using a 3/8″ bit. {The screws may not be long enough to go through the complete width of the 2×4. In this case, just counter-sink the screw further.} We used a band clamp to secure it until the glue dried, however, this is not necessary. 3. Connect the main crossbeams to both of the side frames. The top beam should be flush with the top of the frames and the bottom beam should be about 3 inches from the bottom edge. To stabilize the corners that were just created we glued and screwed a corner block into the corner. This was also repeated in the back corners with a slit in the block for the sign posts to slide into. Block with slits were also glued at the bottom as seen in the picture. 4. A cross beam was added in the back the same way it was added in the front using glue, screws and counter-sunk holes. A beam was then attached from the middle of the back cross-beam to the front cross-beam. This beam helps the planks to support any weight put on the table. 5. We cut the planks for the top and sides to the desired lengths. We used 3 inch by 3/4 inch rough cut wood for the top planks and 6 inch by 3/4 inch rough cut for the sides. We then painted the planks the desired colors and let dry. {Stay tuned for a tutorial next week on how to make painted wood look antiqued} 6. The top planks were laid out to get an estimated layout and position for where the sign posts will be. A notch was cut out of the back plank to allow the post to slip in. 7. All planks were nailed and glued to the cross beams on the sides and on the top. You can use as much gapping as you prefer between planks. 8. Plywood was cut for the sign to desired dimensions and painted. Sign posts were cut out of 1 inch by 2.5 inch rough cut lumber and painted. The sign was held in place using clamps and four holes drilled through the sign and posts {2 holes in each side}. The sign was then attached using carriage bolts and wing nuts. 9. Before we added the sign we added the vinyl for the wording on the sign. This could also be painted. I know this may seem like a lot of work for a lemonade stand, but you have a handy husband like I do, it’s pretty easy {just have to take pics and offer cups of cold water every now and then – and yes, I know I’m spoiled!} Now you have a super cute, vintage lemonade stand!

    • Dana Stone

      Lemonade stand for my kids....and a photo shoot or two...

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