Time to start this Fiesta!


These Mexican Carnitas are melt in your mouth good. It is a perfect meal for the feast day of Juan Diego. Today is Juan Diego's feast day he was born in 1474 20 miles north of Tenochtitlan now kno.

Duck Carnitas #SundaySupper for Cinco de Mayo

Duck Carnitas #SundaySupper

Carnitas.  The Mexican answer to American pulled pork, at their best they should be moist, juicy, and ultra-porky with the rich, tender texture of a French confit.

The Food Lab: The Best Way to Make Carnitas (Without a Bucket of Lard!)

Mexican Pulled Chicken - An easy, versatile and super delicious recipe that you can use to make quesadillas, enchiladas, sandwiches and more!

Mexican Pulled Chicken

The best Pulled Chicken Tacos recipe. Uses an amazing Mexican Pulled Chicken recipe and other terrific toppings!

Rich & Satisfying Casseroles | Chicken Tetrazzini

Rich & Satisfying Casseroles

Chicken Tetrazzini Your family will be asking for seconds after you serve this crowd-pleasing meal. A speedy Italian classic, it can be made ahead for easy weeknight dinners. Recipe: Chicken Tetrazzini Plus other casseroles from Southern Living!