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I'll have to try some of the colors on here... Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Brilliant

Light Spring flows into Light Summer so they share lots of similarities. They can be considered "sister seasons". Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Fresh

Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Delicate. I think this is T.

de the qualifying race. Wearing the wrong color can make you ill. Sallow, ashen, and muddy complexions are all signs of color contamination. And the only protection against chromatic allergies is color composition cognizance, specifically, knowing your color category.

Even though I have green eyes, I think this is the closest! My hair is ash blonde/light brown. color-seasons-complexion-cool-winter.png 800×989 pixels

  • Maria Blomqvist

    Trust your instincts of what you see, is my opinion. Stereotyping is bad, please read this article, a very good one!:

  • Kristen Epps

    You guys are so helpful :) I feel like I'm part way between a summer and a spring, probably. It technically doesn't matter, since I know what looks good on me, but I'm just so curious to figure it out!

  • Emily James-Garraway

    Thank you Maria! It raises many questions and informs us that the color system has a lot of work left to be done. There is soon to be a 16-color system to replace the 12-color system. It might resolve the issues raised. If a sure-fire system is developed and it is possible to do so, I think we can safely 'stereotype' since it's all based on what we see and not a matter of opinion.

  • Emily James-Garraway

    Kristen, if I could recommend any one to you based on your best and worst colors, it would definitely be Light Summer. But as we've learned, we must keep our minds open. :) Do see if you the Light Summer colors flatter you though. It helps a lot while shopping!

  • Jasmin farac

    Could some1 help me with my colours I'm over black hair !!

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okay.... so there is some thought i might be a clear winter... but.... i really don't do the cool pinks or purples . urgggh. and my hair was blonde when i was a kid...

  • Linda Fitzgerald

    I'm fairly sure I come

  • Linda Fitzgerald

    (stupid phone). As I was saying.....I'm pretty sure I come out as a clear winter, but my eyes are brown. Muted colors make me look sick.

  • Terri Kelly

    i'm going to do some colour experiments. take photos in good daylight, draped in different colours. today is overcast. probably not a good day. but intuitively, the ice grey and that bubble gum pink would be wrong. muted colours make me look like death.

  • Suzanne Vanderwiel

    I think I'm closer to a cool winter even though my eyes are green and green isn't listed in cool winter. I can't do the yellows. I look like death. The colors I can wear look like cool winter. And my eyes were blue as a child. They turned grey when i was around 13, and then became more green, although a cool green, not a warmer one.

How to Pick your Best & Worst Colors Cómo saber los colores que más y que menos te favorecen según el tono de tu piel, de tu cabello y el color de tus ojos

Cardigan Empire's "Color Analysis" series is one of the easiest tools I've seen for *finally* figuring out if you're cool/warm/what colors look good on you/etc. This one is "3 Degrees of Warm & Rich." She also does "Cool & Brilliant," "Warm & Fresh" and "Cool & Delicate."

This flowchart helps you determine which color groups look best with your complexion.

deep autumn. best colors: bold warm colors. worst colors: soft pastels and dusty tones. great color examples, but the celeb picks seem off.

Deep Winter Deep cool coloring include vibrant primary colors: True Red and Blue, Deep Charcoal, Pure White & Black. You are able to wear the deepest colors of the Autumn palette as well as Deep Chocolate Brown and Pine Green. Best colors: Black, Pure White, Dark Charcoal, True Red, True Blue, Hot Pink Avoid: Golden Browns, soft peach, light earth tones

  • Anar Dair

    I would exclude persimmon from the list? I think it's not winter color. More autumn