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I'll have to try some of the colors on here... Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Brilliant

okay.... so there is some thought i might be a clear winter... but.... i really don't do the cool pinks or purples . urgggh. and my hair was blonde when i was a kid...

Even though I have green eyes, I think this is the closest! My hair is ash blonde/light brown. color-seasons-complexion-cool-winter.png 800×989 pixels

Color seasons are my new obsession since human coloring is just one of those things that fascinates me. Depending on the tone of your skin and hair and eye color, you are a certain color season, like Dark Autumn, Cool Winter, Light Spring, etc, and if you wear the colors in the palette designated for your season, you will look absolutely amazing every day.

My's pretty cool because I always usually only wear these colors before I even knew about this color chart...

Winter III: Rich vibrant tones. Cool or blue-based & warm or yellow-based colors w/clear or pure quality in med to dark values. Complimentary colors: purple & golden yellow, royal blue & orange, kelley green & red, black & gold. Colorful prints w/3-4 bright cool/warm combos. Black, charcoal, brown, wine red, deep purple. Metal: Silver &/or gold. Stone: Colors in pallet-diamond, sapphire, dark amethyst, blue lapis, black onyx. Avoid pale or soft colors lacking vibrancy; warm colors not in palette

Deep winter. Avoid: Yellow-based orange, gold, camel, golden browns, yellow greens, yellow-based whites, etc

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