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I'll have to try some of the colors on here... Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Brilliant

de the qualifying race. Wearing the wrong color can make you ill. Sallow, ashen, and muddy complexions are all signs of color contamination. And the only protection against chromatic allergies is color composition cognizance, specifically, knowing your color category.

Charlotte is a "warm spring", I am a "deep autumn". Good to now, since I have no idea what to put a redhead in......

okay.... so there is some thought i might be a clear winter... but.... i really don't do the cool pinks or purples . urgggh. and my hair was blonde when i was a kid...

Light Spring flows into Light Summer so they share lots of similarities. They can be considered "sister seasons". Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Fresh

Even though I have green eyes, I think this is the closest! My hair is ash blonde/light brown. color-seasons-complexion-cool-winter.png 800×989 pixels

This flowchart helps you determine which color groups look best with your complexion.

Color seasons are my new obsession since human coloring is just one of those things that fascinates me. Depending on the tone of your skin and hair and eye color, you are a certain color season, like Dark Autumn, Cool Winter, Light Spring, etc, and if you wear the colors in the palette designated for your season, you will look absolutely amazing every day.

Deep winter. Avoid: Yellow-based orange, gold, camel, golden browns, yellow greens, yellow-based whites, etc

Clear Winter - Neon Lights & Outer Space + Mod + Geisha + Futuristic + Glamour Bitches be trippin' cuz they be blinded by their own Light + Katy Perry in This Is How We Do video - Bright & Cool

"Deep Winter looks" by sabira-amira on Polyvore